New Top Web Comics vote incentive, it’s the inks for a big poster (40×27″) I’m working on for future cons we will be attending. 😀 We went up 50 spots! Thanks for voting (hm… Lex in a dress might have something to do with it, hehe)

I may also use this image for the new header of the main site (no new layout, just a new header image) at around the 3 year anniversary, we started the comic on March 20th, 2009.

Also, about any issues you may have with viewing the wordpress site on IE. I know whats wrong and I found an old backup of the site that works just fine in all browsers. So now I’m going to have to work on it offline, and I will be replacing this site at some point. For the meantime, I did put in some conditional CSS for IE, which sort of fixed the double margin bug, but it still doesn’t work as well as it should.

When I put the new site together I’ll try to get it to look pretty similar to how it does now. Thanks for your patience, and in the mean time… hopefully you’re able to view this on chrome/firefox/safari.