Update: 17 April 2013

Hi everyone,

So, I’m injured… again, however this one a long time coming. I threw out my back a good 8 years ago during basic training, over the last couple months I’ve been getting into an intense exercise routine and as a result of taking on too much too fast I aggravated that injury. Now I have a pinched sciatic nerve (my entire left leg is numb because of this) and a slightly twisted spine. I have to go for 6 weeks of treatments to fix this issue, because I learned if I left it alone, I may not be walking by the fall.

Anyway, this has had a slight impact on my progress on this week’s page, but I don’t foresee having to take a break or anything, it just might be difficult to get as much done when I’m running around to appointments several times a week. I’m hoping to have page 248 up by Friday, but I really can’t make any promises right now. (**Edit 19th April 2013: Didn’t have enough time this week, the update will be up Wednesday**)

Thanks for your patience,