Gear and Weapons

Shadow Cabal Armour and Shield System

Used by: Shadow Cabal
Origin: Azatoth technology
Weight: 6.8 Kilograms

Features: Life Support system, shields which offer additional protection to all types of ammo, including (but not fully protected from) armour piercing.

Description: The Shadow Cabal use an advanced shield system designed to protect the wearer from any kind of ballistic or projectile damage. The armour is relatively light weight, but is made from incredibly durable material. The shield system employed by the armour gives coverage to the entire body, ensuring that there are no weaknesses that an enemy can exploit.

Communication Module (C-MOD)

Used by: Rick MacFarlane
Origin: Earth technology
Weight: 0.5 Kilograms

Description: The Communication module is a custom made device that is used by engineer, Rick MacFarlane. It is adapted for hacking into various terminals/computer systems, and offers the same information/communication features that are standard on any wrist mounted comm module.

C8-1 “Silent-Striker” Sniper Rifle

Used by: Grey O’Shea
Origin: Earth technology
Weight: 4.5 Kilograms
Ammo Type: Standard Pulse rounds, Armour Piercing, Incendiary, Hollow Point

Description: The C8-1 “Silent-Striker” is a custom built sniper rifle owned by Resistance Captain Grey O’Shea. The weapon features an extendable barrel/bipod, making storage and transportation more efficient. The weapon can shoot to ranges of up to 3000 meters, and has a Scope attached with a 500x zoom.

M17-A Pistol

Used by: Grey O’Shea, Agrippa Varus, Resistance Agents
Origin: Earth technology
Weight: 2 Kilograms
Ammo Type: Standard Pulse rounds, Armour Piercing

Description: The M17-A Pistol is the standard issue pistol for all Resistance Agents. The pistol is reliable, light weight, and can shoot to a range of 30 meters. The frame of the pistol holds a built in light source, a 20 round magazine.