Happy Holidays everyone!

As we stated earlier, we’re going to be going on a break to properly relax and recharge during the holiday season. Updates will resume January 13th. As usual I will still be posting content on Patreon during this time. In the meantime, here’s some holiday themed art of Alexis having a baking fail, as to show the more stressful side of the season. 😛

Here’s the images from last year (click to view full size):
There is also a preview of page 331 on Top Web Comics:

In other news, Drew and I finally saw Star Wars and absolutely loved it! I think that’s the most fun I can remember having at the movies and I’m surprised we avoided spoilers for all that time (on that note please keep the comments spoiler free as I’m sure a lot of people still haven’t seen it yet). That’s it for now, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Holly and Drew.