Hey guys! There’s not a whole lot of news to post this week. I haven’t been feeling too great (my symptoms came back right after I posted that I was feeling better, they’re sneaky like that :P) so my productivity has suffered a bit for it. There’s a new vote incentive for Top Web Comics, it’s a work in progress preview of General Winters’ grayscale portrait. These have taken a back seat lately as I’ve been busy with other projects but I’m hoping to add them all to the gallery once they are completed.

In other news, I made a poll over on Patreon. I’m going to be updating the 20.00 tier and would like some feedback on which rewards would be the most appealing. Even if you’re not planning on pledging, I’d really appreciate some feedback to help me make a more informed decision. Click here to see the options and make your vote.

Hope you enjoy the page and we’ll see you all the next update. I will (as always) let you all know if there is going to be any kind of delay.

Holly and Drew.