Hey guys, welcome back.

I almost didn’t finish this update in time, my right wrist decided to flare up just as I was adding the final details to the page, it started yesterday but it’s still pretty painful. It took me a bit by surprise as I haven’t had any wrist issues in several years and it seemed to come out of nowhere. Seeing as I don’t want to aggravate things (particularly with my drawing hand), I’ve decided to bump the next update up to December 1st. I really didn’t want to interrupt my update schedule during the fight sequence, but I figure it’s better to rest for a little while now in ordere to make sure this doesn’t turn into a more chronic injury. I’m hoping the pain eases up soon as I’ve got some art on the go that I’d like to share and I’d really like to get some more pages finished up. Either way, I’ll make sure to keep you all posted.

Thanks as always for reading.

Holly and Drew.