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Agrippa Varus

Born: Year 2258, Asurian Capital
Height: 6’7″
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown

The son of a well respected Consul, Argo Varus (who served as the liaison between Asura and other Sentient worlds), Agrippa had been brought up to view other species with more compassion than the majority of his peers. Growing up, he was exceptionally skilled in combat and leadership, and because of this he was able to join the Asurian military at an early age. Over the years, through hard work and dedication, Agrippa eventually progressed to the rank of Paladin, in command of a loyal squad of troops. He led a seemingly perfect life and had a prosperous future ahead of him.

Though, Agrippa’s successes were not to last. Northazul, the Sovereign of Asura, had uncovered a secret plot set forth by his father (among others) to form an underground Resistance movement. His family and friends were to be executed for their treasonous actions. Agrippa, with his father’s final words of guidance, managed to escape with his life and a new ally at his side, Eve Arlia.

Eve explained the Resistance movement to Agrippa, and why such a thing was necessary. Agrippa, having seen first hand the troubles that Northazul’s tyrannical reign had brought to his home world, was not hard to convince. After that day, he continues to serve the Resistance as their top Agent and as Eve Arlia’s personal Assassin / Bodyguard.

Grey O’Shea

Born: Year 2280, Dublin, Ireland
Height: 6’1″
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Grey O’Shea is an infiltration specialist, and Captain of the Evening Star. He was born on Earth (Dublin, Ireland) but spent his late teen years on a mining colony stationed on Mercury. As soon as he hit his 18th birthday he enlisted in the UEC Mobile Infantry, and in only a year he possessed the skills necessary to specialize as a sniper. After several years, a tragic turn of events cost the lives of Grey’s entire unit, with him being the sole survivor. Now with the Resistance, he trains under Agrippa Varus on the tactics and combat skills of a Resistance Agent.

Alexis Hawke

Born: Year 2282, Titan Colony
Height: 5’7″
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Brown

Formerly a slave serving under the Shadow Cabal, Alexis Hawke was forced to rebuild her life at a young age. At 19, she managed to secure her place in the UEC officer entry program, and qualified to become a deep space fighter pilot. She then spent the next several years stationed on the UEC space station Terra, patrolling nearby Earth based colonies for alien threats. After being stranded on a distant alien world alongside Flight Engineer Rick MacFarlane, Alexis faces a new challenge as she confronts a life she had been fleeing from for years.

Rick MacFarlane

Born: Year 2278, New York, USA
Height: 5’11”
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Auburn

Rick MacFarlane was raised on Earth in a military family. At 16, he learned that his father, a sergeant in the United Earth Coalition, had been killed in action. The pension that they received was pitiful, and Rick was forced to take a job as a vehicle technician at a local garage to help keep his family afloat. It was during that time that he met his future wife, Rachel. After a few years Rachel discovered she was pregnant; desperate to give his family a better life, he enlisted as an officer in the UEC. At age 23, Rick was offered a position as a Flight Engineer.

Rei Antares

Born: Year 2283, Asurian Capital
Height: 5’9″
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair: Black

Rei was raised in a very wealthy, influential family. She had a promising future ahead of her, until a devastating turn of events struck that would changed her life forever. Northazul Kalar had marked her family as traitors of the Asurian Empire, linking them with an underground Resistance movement. With the exception of her older brother Talos, Rei’s entire family was killed. Since then she has stayed close to the side of her protective brother, who had raised her for the majority of her life. At 26, Rei is still considered a young adult (by Azatoth standards), and has much to learn.

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