The Resistance

As the first contact war waged (and Earth’s territory grew) several of the so-called “lesser” species in the galaxy were forced from their home worlds to make room for human colonial expansion. In order to ensure their survival, these aliens banded together and formed several inter-species colonies in the less monitored regions of space. However, the fact that these colonies had little to no protection made them a prime target for any pirates, scavengers or slavers that happened to pass by. It wasn’t long until these individuals began to fight back against this oppression, and as a result different anti-government factions gained momentum across the galaxy. Eventually these groups united, and the resistance against the war was beginning to grow more organized.

Formed in 2260 by four different species, the Resistance emerged as a formidable threat to the warring Human and Azatoth governments. Their goal is clear: to end the conflict that has caused so much suffering in the galaxy, and institute an intergalactic council that represents all species equally. Since it was instated, this organization has expanded in both size and strength, providing relief to vulnerable colonists and the liberation of internment camps throughout the galaxy. However, they do their best to keep under the radar of the Human and Azatoth military, as they cannot compete against their firepower.

What the Resistance lacks in size they make up for with their Agents, highly trained assassins that specialize in taking down the corrupt that profit from the suffering of the innocent.

The United Earth Coalition


The United Earth Coalition (UEC) is consolidated government that was established during the first quarter of the 21st Century. During that time, it was decided that humanity had to set aside their differences to deal with the vast depletion of the planet’s resources, and the restless state of its population.


The coalition has three branches, one political, which manages the people of Earth, it’s resources, and it’s colonies. The second military, which protects the interests of Earth and the human race. Lastly, security which acts as a police force protecting human civilians, both on Earth and abroad.

Current State

The UEC was initiated with the best intentions, to unite and protect humanity throughout the charted galaxy. However, during it’s 270 years in power, corruption began to form internally with it’s politicians and high ranking military commanders. These individuals became far more interested in their own wealth and stature than the wellbeing of the human race. What was once considered humanity’s saving grace during the start of the first contact war, has become a monumental road block in its progression towards peace in the galaxy.

Military Units

First Recon
First recon is a mobile infantry unit located on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Their motto “Celer, Silens, Mortalis” meaning “Swift, Silent, Deadly” indicates the unit’s speciality: reconnaissance, and gathering intelligence. The unit also boasts to have some of the best trained snipers in the galaxy, and Resistance Captain Grey O’Shea served with them for over five years. The unit met an ill fate on Aurora Prime, where their commanders made a grave error with their intelligence reports. The unit was vastly outnumbered by Azatoth forces and, with the exception of O’Shea, was killed.


Jolly Roger Squadron
The Jolly Roger Squadron is located on Earth’s main spaceport, Terra. The squadron is made up of deep space fighter pilots, engineers, techs and officers. The fighter pilots and flight engineers have it the hardest, having to endure three-year-long tours of duty and the rigours of intense space travel. The squadron employs the F-71 Valkyrie, a high tech space fighter which is capable of breaking atmosphere. The Jolly Roger squadron was the unit of Alexis Hawke and Rick MacFarlane for several years.

Ranking Structure

Both Army/Naval Officer ranks are listed

Asurian Empire


The Asurian Empire has ruled over the planet Asura and the Azatoth people for thousands of years. The Empire is lead by the Sovereign, a figurehead who is elected and advised by a group of Consuls. The Consuls control the different sections of Azatoth society (Art, Science, Military, Religion) and are selected from the highest ranking warriors in the Azatoth Military. The Consuls tend to be very closed-minded, rooted in the old way of thinking instead of moving toward a more progressive future.

Family/Social Structure

Founded on traditional values, the social system of the Azatoth people is very family orientated. Azatoth families (called clans) are very close, and due to the long lifespan of the species, they have the time to form lifelong bonds with other nearby clans in their territory. It is usually expected, out of respect and tradition, for Azatoth children to follow in their parent’s footsteps. In addition, military service strongly influences how the Azatoth clan is respected and all males are required to serve a minimum of five years.

Current State

Despite the longevity of the Empire, the first contact war has managed to shake the very foundation on which it stands, with clans taking differing stances on how the war should be fought. Many Azatoth think humans are nothing but a menace, and should be wiped from the galaxy, while others see them as potential allies and the war as a waste of a prosperous partnership.

Ranking Structure

Recruit: Starting Rank in the Asurian Military, equivalent to that of a private on Earth.

Marshal: A rank given after three full years of satisfactory service, Marshals have a small amount of leadership and responsibility.

Veteran: The highest of the “grunt” ranks, Veteran is a rank appointed after five years of satisfactory service. Veterans are generally in charge of small sections composed of 8 Recruits and 3 Marshals.

Centurian: Centurians are usually second in command to the Sentinel, in charge of leading a squad consisting of 4 sections. They relay the orders from the Sentinel to the lower ranks.

Sentinel: Sentinels are in command of a squad. The Sentinels have arguably the most difficult job, as they have to carry out command decisions on the battlefield (given to them by the Paladins and Consul members).

Paladin: Paladins are the highest ranking members of the Asurian Military. They are in charge of full Companies of soldiers, and oversee all the command decisions made by the Empire. It is mandatory that each Azatoth consul is to be selected from the Paladin ranks.

The Shadow Cabal

The Shadow Cabal was founded by Solus Kalar, the only son of the current Sovereign of Asura, Northazul. Although the Shadow Cabal was originally intended to be Northazul’s personal army, it has long since deviated from its original purpose. The Shadow Cabal has now expanded to an underground army of warriors, slavers and scavengers controlled at the helm by Solus, with Northazul nervously keeping him on a short leash. The Cabal make their profits through the extortion of vulnerable colonies and the enslavement of the inhabitants.

The actions of this devious organization have rendered certain regions of the galaxy hostile, and as a result, a vast underworld of criminals, mercenaries and pirates was born.