When do you update?

Terra updates every Wednesday.

How long does it take to complete a page?

A page takes around 10 hours on average. I broke down my process into 4 basic stages:

Stage 1: Sketch and lineart.
Stage 2: Background Colours.
Stage 3: Character Flats.
Stage 4: Character details and final touches.

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4

Here is a video of the process (couldn’t add music on Youtube version for copyright reasons)

Click here to download Quicktime Movie (version with music)

How long will the comic be?

I have no real set length. I am guessing that this comic will be around 8 volumes long (each volume is 4 chapters). Possibly longer. I have a rough outline of the overall story, but there’s a lot of content I want to add to flesh out the story. This webcomic has been a learning process for me, so I have no doubt that things will continue to change as the story progresses.

Is Terra available in print?

I currently have the prologue available in print, they were printed with 360 Digital Books

Do you do commissions?

Commissions are currently closed, but may re-open in the future 🙂

Is the content in Terra suitable for children?

No. Since the start we’ve set out to make a dark sci fi story, so that can include subject matter such as harsh language, extreme violence, and nudity. I would look at it like an ‘M’ rating for video games, or perhaps a 14+ rating for films, if you wouldn’t want your kid playing/watching anything like that, I would advise against letting them read the comic.