Ships and Vehicles

The Evening Star

The Evening Star is an upgraded Cargo Vessel owned by Resistance Captain Grey O’Shea and Agent Agrippa Varus. The ship is currently being used to transport the two across the galaxy for different assignments and training exercises. The Evening Star is of Earth origin and is quite old. However, upgrades have been made to make the ship more compatible with recent technology.

The Ship has several rooms for lodging, a cargo bay, and multiple defence systems installed (turrets, plasma gun, cloaking system).

F-71 Valkyrie

The F-71 Valkyrie is the UEC deep space fighter that is piloted by Alexis Hawke and maintained by engineer Rick MacFarlane.

The Valkyrie is top of the line among Earth’s fighters, as it can fly perfectly well in both air and space. However, it cannot travel long distances on its own and needs to be constantly maintained due to the hazardous conditions involved with entering through different atmospheres. The Valkyrie is equipped with guns, missiles, and chaff grenades.

Resistance Fighter

The Resistance fighter is a modified deep space fighter (Earth technology), and has a harder time breaking atmosphere than the Valkyrie. However, the Resistance fighter is faster and more maneuverable, giving Resistance pilots a distinct advantage over their enemies.

Due to the financial and personnel restraints of the Resistance, they cannot afford the cost of keeping large number of fighters operational, as a result they are only used as a last defence. The fighter is equipped with guns, and advanced homing missiles.

Resistance Freighter

The Resistance Freighter is of Earth origin, modified with advanced Varelien technology.

The freighter contains a warp drive, which enables the Resistance to travel without the use of stabilized (mostly UEC monitored) worm holes, and as it stands the Resistance is the only faction with access to this technology, giving them a significant edge. The Freighter is one of the few places where the Resistance population can feel safe, it is constantly on the move, keeping its distance from any know UEC/Asurian territory.

The Freighter houses 30,000 individuals of all different species and origin, and has adequate housing, entertainment, and leisure facilities for all Resistance members and their families.

United Earth Coalition Ship “TERRA”

Before the first contact war, travel from the Azatoth home world of Asura to Earth took decades, causing travellers to employ a hibernation method. With their combined intellect, it was not long until Human and Azatoth scientists discovered a faster method of travel.

Together, they succeeded in stabilizing worm holes and using them as portals between solar systems. The first stabilized wormhole was developed in the Earth’s solar system and was given the name Terra, the latin word for Earth. Terra has two main sections: one for military operations (which houses all the soldiers and UEC officers), and one civil sector (which holds the civilian housing, entertainment, and travel sections).