And that’s a wrap for Volume 2!

I’m going to be on hiatus for a bit, I can’t say how long, but it shouldn’t be too bad as I just want to get some buffer together for Chapter 8. I’ve been working a lot faster lately, so I’m hoping it won’t be more than a month or two. It honestly just depends on my workload/speed. In the meantime, I’m going to be posting concept art and other random work on my tumblr page. Check it out if you’re interested, it’s probably where I’m going to be most active over the next while.

Thanks so much for all your patience this last Chapter, it was a hell of an effort to get through considering all that happened during the last year or so, but I’ve learned so much during that time and I’m feeling much better now overall. I’m excited to move forward with the comic. Thank you for being such awesome readers.