Hey guys, welcome back. I’m posting this a little later than normal as there were a few final touches I had to make.

In other news, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I decided to finally upgrade my computer as a bit of a present to myself. The iMac I’m currently using is from 2010 (around when I first started Terra) so I think it was about time. I’m looking forward to finally using the latest version of photoshop too, as there are a lot of features that I have yet to try out. I’m not sure if this will actually have an impact on how the comic looks, but I wanted to share the news either way. :)

Also, just wanted to give a heads up that I’m planning to take a bit of a break after the next update. The next few scenes are fairly complex so I want to take my time laying everything out properly and gathering reference. I’ll have more info on that with the next page, so make sure to stay tuned.

That’s it for me for today, thanks for reading!

Holly and Drew.