Hey everyone, welcome back!

Working on these last couple pages was actually quite emotional for me at the time, I realize that this isn’t the end at all since I’m remaking the story, but it was still pretty surreal to know that I was signing off on a comic I’ve worked on for over 13 years.

On that note, I will continue to post on Patreon and social media regularly until the remake launches. I’m planning on building the website for Terra Incognita sometime in the early spring (the old comic will remain in its own subdirectory), but I want to make sure to keep everyone in the loop until then, be it on social media, patreon or the comments on the website itself. I’m aiming for a Fall 2023 release (though I plan to start posting pages on Patreon as early as May), but I will post more about that with the next update.

Only one more page to go!

Holly and Drew.