My tablet died on me…

Recently my Intuos 4 died, which is the tablet I use for rendering the comic. I’m currently using my Bamboo tablet as a replacement, which gets the job done, but it is a student level product that has limiting results. So, not only will the comic look slightly off, this will also prevent me from completing any commissions. 🙁

Why donate?

This brings me to why I hope I can raise funds for replacement equipment. As many of you probably know, webcomics don’t make tons of money, and now that my tablet died on me I know I have to prepare for the future in case anything else breaks down. The money would be used for purchasing a 12 inch Cintiq, a new computer, and an ergonomic keyboard.

The cintiq is amazing, I’ve wanted one since they were introduced, and I believe it would greatly improve my productivity. The tablet allows you to draw directly on screen, which would prove to be a much more natural way to illustrate / paint. As for the new computer, I’ve had my current one for quite a few years now, and I know that getting a replacement is in order. The last thing I want is for my computer to die on me and to have no way to work on the comic / website. Finally, the ergonomic keyboard, as many of you know I have a repetitive stress injury in my left wrist. While it is mostly healed at this point, I’d like to prevent further injury by getting a proper keyboard.

These donations will allow us to replace the current equipment, and keep this comic going. We would greatly appreciate any amount you are willing to give, as it all adds up toward our goal. We will post more info as time goes on, and we will keep you posted with our current situation.

Thanks for supporting Terra over the last three years (the site’s 3 year birthday is on March 20th! ). We are so appreciative for our readers, and hope to continue to bring you more of the comic in the years to come.