Hey everyone!

Sorry things have been so quiet since the diagnosis. I’ve been healing over the last few weeks and I’m pleased to say that things are looking a lot better. I don’t want to jump into updating regularly just yet as I’m still trying to be cautiously optimistic and not take on too much too fast. I figured I should post this page as I finally got around to finishing it after three months of not being able to use a computer.

Another reason things have been so quiet is because Drew and I are getting married soon, tomorrow actually, so that has kept us fairly occupied. I’m glad that my symptoms are better now so I’ll be able to actually see what’s going on around me. 😛

Anyway that’s all I got, I’m hoping to get back on track this fall with more regular updates. I’ll keep you guys posted, as always.

Update: September 29th, 2013

Wow, thanks for all the kind words, everyone! The wedding was amazing, the location was beautiful, and it was great to see all our family and friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. I also want to thank you all for your support during this time, my energy level is getting better everyday so hopefully I’ll be back to updating soon (I have been working on new pages during this time, so things are looking good).

Click here for a photo!