Only one more page left of volume 2! As I’ve mentioned before, once I get the next page up I’ll be going on hiatus for a bit to finish up my lettering of the comic (not to mention fixing the many, many inconsistencies in the process :P), some commissions, and prepping for Volume 3. There will be more details with the update next week.

I should also mention that Terra will be turning FIVE in three days (March 20th). Eep. That’s pretty ancient in internet years. For chuckles you can read the exposition packed original prologue here. 😀

Lastly, I’ve posted a sketch of page 263 on my Tumblr page. I’ve just recently set it up to act as a site where I’ll be posting random sketches, artwork and commission information. I’m still pretty new to Tumblr, I signed up a year ago only to kind of ignore it, but I’m planning on using it a lot more now.