Hi guys, just wanted to point out that after maintaining my buffer for just over a month, I’ve officially run out. I’m still quite a bit faster at producing pages than before, but I might have to take a break from updating next week to play catch up. My symptoms have been off and on lately, but I’m starting to get more adjusted to this new normal, so working around them isn’t really an issue.

Here’s hoping that won’t be an issue as I am trying hard not to miss updates, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up just in case. Also, I will likely be taking a summer break around the beginning of August (just 2 to 3 weeks max) to rest and finish up some preparations for Central Canada Comic Con.

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Lastly there’s a new vote incentive up for TopWebComics, it’s just a sketch of various outfits/concepts for volume 3.

**Update Jul 9th/2014** So no new page today, as was expected. I’ve been busy getting the prologue to print for the local convention this fall, so far the proofs look great and the books are really high quality (like book quality, a thicker cover/paper density and more durable than your standard comic issue). I went with 360 Digital Books and their stuff is top notch! I’ll probably post some pics when I get the bound versions shipped to me. That’s all for now, expect more news soon!