Hi guys!

I’ve decided to take a 3 week summer break (as I’ve mentioned earlier this month). I’m going to use this time to prep for my upcoming convention (it’s my first one, so there’s quite a bit of work to do) and to build up my buffer. The summer heat/humidity hits me the hardest with my symptoms so I work a little slower than I normally do.

Drew and I have a lot planned for the fall, including starting a Patreon page which will offer unique content to donors. More details will obviously be included once we launch the page. I’ve also started recording my photoshop sessions, so I’m going to aim to start a youtube channel to post time lapsed videos of specific pages (this page was the first I’ve recorded, but I plan to do it more in the future).

Thanks for reading and for all your patience! Updates will resume August 20th.

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New vote incentive up for TopWebComics for the month of August, it’s a preview of the prints I’m working on for C4 (Central Canada Comic Con).

Update: August 3rd/2014

Hey everyone! I wanted to make an announcement. As you may already know by the header at the top of the website and the comments, Terra is now officially a part of the Spider Forest Webcomic Collective! Drew and I are super excited and urge you to check out some of the awesome webcomics they have to offer. Thanks goes out to Tigershark06 for letting us know about the application season!