Dear god, it’s been six years since we first launched Terra in 2009, so that’s about 600 years in internet time, right?

In retrospect when we first started we had NO idea what we were doing, We didn’t even have a proper layout for people to view the comic (you had to view the pages via thumbnails, which was awesome :P). Those were dark days for sure, but it was a learning experience and has been since. One of the greatest things about making a webcomic is the community and being able to interact with your readers. You guys have helped us to become better creators. You have been there through the shitty times and the good times, it’s meant a lot and has helped keep us going.

We also hit our 300th page milestone so today is a very special day for this webcomic! Drew and I want to thank you all for your continued support, we look forward to sharing more of Terra in the upcoming years! 😀

Holly and Drew