Yay, we’re back and everything is new and shiny! We had a great break, Drew and I finally watched Interstellar and ended up really enjoying it. The environments and the shots of space were mind blowing (and we swear we had no idea Kate was so similar to Murph haha). If you all didn’t notice yet I’ve replaced the old header image to better reflect the storyline of the current volume (patrons have seen this image for some time now). I plan on putting the old image in the gallery once I update it, I didn’t have time this past week but that doesn’t mean there isn’t new content to check out:

This is just some of the content Drew and I have been working on for the codex. I wanted post more with this update (more characters, some additional factions and technology info), but it takes time to get everything together and to do the proper research. I’m also aware that the gallery and the FAQ need some updating, so work on the website is far from over. If there are any typos or broken links on any of the content on this website, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will fix it asap! 🙂

That’s all for today, thanks for being so patient during the break, see you all next week!

Holly and Drew.