Hey guys! Welcome back. As you may already know, Drew and I have decided to enact a comment policy on the website. You can click the link to read more, but the quote below basically sums it up:

Comments must stay respectful. Any comments that are meant to insult, troll or hijack the conversation in a negative way will not be tolerated. If we see a trend of inflammatory comments from a user, they can expect to be banned from posting.

The VAST majority of you guys are awesome, so this really won’t change anything for most of you. Drew and I sincerely appreciate the comments you all post week after week. We welcome discussion and constructive criticism. Our main intent with all of this is for everyone to have fun reading this comic, we don’t want it to be a stressful experience.

Anyway, that’s all for now. We have a new vote incentive on Top Web Comics, it’s some of the edits of page 15.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Holly and Drew.