Hey guys! It’s hot as hell in Winnipeg right now (going to be 40 to 45c all week), as a result I’m feeling pretty crappy, but despite all that I managed to finish the page (relatively) on time, so bonus!

Lately I’ve been experimenting with different methods of coloring, I think I found a nice balance with this page without it looking too jarringly different. I’ve also found that I was drawing the characters a bit too cartoony for my taste (it also doesn’t really suit the tone of the latter part of the volume) so I opted to try to make the characters somewhat more realistic. Again, this isn’t a massive change and probably isn’t even that noticeable.

Also, if you didn’t catch it last week I have a new-ish vote incentive up of realistic portraits of Lex, Grey and Agrippa. These portraits are a huge help in keeping the characters consistent so I’m going to try to do one for every major character and some supporting characters. Vote to check it out if you like!

Thanks as always for checking back!

Holly and Drew.