Hey again! I almost didn’t make this update in time, my symptoms were flaring really bad the past couple weeks, this time it was affecting my back so I wasn’t able to sit at the computer for very long. That said, next week’s page is probably going to be a week late. I really wanted to avoid missing updates this soon after a hiatus but I haven’t been able to commit as much time to working on the comic as I’d like. Hopefully that will change soon.

In other news, the webcomic collective I belong to, SpiderForest, is taking applications! If you have a comic that you would like to submit, feel free to click the banner below to learn more. You can also join us on the forums to talk webcomics, technique and more.

That’s all from me today. There’s a new vote incentive, it’s a preview of page 362. Thanks for checking back!

Holly and Drew.