Hey everyone, welcome back! Things have been somewhat shaky on my end the past bit, the freakiest moment was where I couldn’t move my wrist for an hour or so one morning, it passed but I’m still not sure if it’s MS or carpal tunnel. Either way, no fun. 🙁

As far as comic related news, there’s a new vote incentive up on Top Web Comics, it’s the sketch (with text) for the remake of page 10. Click the image below to vote and see the entire page.

I’ve been plugging away at these in the background for a while now, I’m really enjoying the opportunity to reframe the scenes to make them more dynamic. There won’t be any *major* changes to the story or script, but I will be fixing some of the weaker parts when I get to them. Either way, I figured it was time to start sharing these. The finished pages will be posted on patreon and then when I’ve completed a full chapter I will update the website. (Don’t worry if you still like the old pages, I’ll be putting them in a section in the gallery, so you’ll still be able to access them.) Ultimately this is all for the print version of the comic, so I don’t have a specific deadline in mind. Working on these is really helping my art skills though, so bonus. 🙂

Thanks as always for checking back! I may need to scale back updates for the next bit as my wrist is still acting weird. I will keep you guys posted because I’m still not 100% on what I’m going to do yet.

Holly and Drew.