Hey guys, welcome back!

Bit of scenery change with this week’s page. I’ve found that lightning is surprisingly hard to get right, so hopefully it looks decent enough. Lately I’ve been switching between the iPad and the Cintiq for all my artwork, at first it was a little awkward but I think I’ve found a nice flow at this point. The iPad and Procreate are far superior for doing lineart, whereas the colors are a bit more limited, all in all it balances out quite nicely.

I also wanted to point out that I started posting the pages in HD on patreon for $1+ patrons. It’s easy for me to do and gives patrons a chance to look at the pages a little closer. High res images didn’t really display all too well in the past but they seemed to have updated and the comic looks great on there now! 😀

I want to mention that I am still updating 3x/month until further notice (Next week’s page will still be on time, ideally I want to update 3x in a row and take 1 week off). I’ve probably explained why before but I figured I’d break things down a bit:

On Average, a page takes me 6 hours to sketch, 4 hours for the lines, 2 hours for flats, and 6-8 hours for color, totalling 18+ hours. I sometimes work faster than this, but if I’m feeling sick or fatigued, I’m way slower and can usually only work a max of 2 hours a day, so you can see how that would affect my ability to update on time. I know 3x/month is below the standards of most webcomics but I feel this is the most sustainable option for me at this point.

Anyway, I’ve blabbed on for long enough, thanks for checking back! I may add a new vote incentive soon so stay tuned for that!

Holly and Drew.