Hey guys, welcome back! Sorry this update took a bit to get online, this page took FOREVER for some reason. It’s probably the amount of characters and background details, but I’ve also been feeling really sick the past couple weeks which has slowed me down considerably.

All that considered, I may need to miss next week’s update. I’ve done the thumbnails for the next several pages but I’m pretty behind otherwise.

Also, in case you missed it last week, there’s a new vote incentive at TopWebComics of the MacFarlane family having a fall bonfire. Click the image below to vote and check it out! 😀

Thanks as always for your patience!


Hey guys, as expected, I’m going to have to miss tomorrow’s update. Things have been much more hectic than usual on my end with the holiday weekend as well as other family obligations, which means that I have pretty much spent all of my energy. I’m currently working on page 382 and I’m hoping to be back on track next Weds once I recharge a bit. Hopefully the missed updates won’t become too regular a thing but it seems inevitable sometimes.

In the meantime I’d like to plug some of the new members of SpiderForest, the webcomic collective I belong to. Check out their comics with the links below, this week’s theme is Hidden Magical Worlds!

Heart of Keol
: Ethan is a young man with a broken family. After an encounter with a mysterious child, he wakes up in a strange world that looks a lot like ancient Korea—except with magic. Even with all this frenzy happening around him, he can’t seem to shake off his family baggage…

Tistow: Small Trolls
: Jáhko and Veeti live out daily adventures in the nearby woods, helping fairies build houses, outwitting monsters, gathering seeds with trolls and helping wisps grow saplings. Under the guidance from Jáhko’s grandmother and the woodland spirits, the boys will learn the ways of the shaman and to respect nature.

Children of Eldair
: Koe finds a young woman held by demons, kidnapped from Earth and brought to his world by fairies. Can he help Embera get back home, and will his own world survive the journey?

Holly and Drew.