Hey everyone, sorry this update is a little late. I’ve been really, really sick the past few days (even more so than normal). I’m going to try to take it easy and keep to the biweekly updates for now so I can try to rebuild my buffer (working without one isn’t too much fun lol).

There’s also a new vote incentive on Top Web Comics, it’s some older concept art for this chapter. Vote to check it out!

Thanks again for your patience!


Hey guys!

Sorry things have been so quiet, I’ve been battling a flare up for the past 3+ weeks. I still have enough energy to draw, but everything’s been pretty slow going for me lately. Drew is also getting surgery in the next couple days, it’s nothing serious but he could be staying in the hospital overnight. Needless to say between that, the busyness of the holiday season and my relapse, my schedule has taken bit of a hit.

Page 386 is really close to being finished (I also have some special holiday art in the works), but I’m thinking it’s best if I wait till next week to post it before going on a brief holiday break. That way I’m not pushing myself when I should be resting. I’m planning on making a few updates to the website in the new year, so here’s hoping I can finally check off some items from my never ending to-do list lol.

Thanks as always for your understanding. 🙂

Holly and Drew.