Hey guys, welcome back! Looks like Grey has a feeling he’s being watched, it was somewhat weird to draw him on the other side of a scope for once. Now that David’s back on the scene, things will likely become much more complicated.

In other news there’s a new vote incentive on Top Web Comics, it’s a poster I completed recently of the crew. Vote to check it out!

That’s pretty much it from me today, I’ve been dealing with a viral infection and a possible flare up that seems to be attacking my left leg and lower back. It’s mostly just pain and a bit of fatigue, but I’m playing it safe and taking it easy for the time being. I will of course let you all know if I have to delay an update but I’m hoping I can power through.

Also, yesterday was Terra’s 9th birthday! It’s amazing how time flies and even though it’s been a bumpy road, I’m still happy that we’re able to continue to share this story with you all.

Holly and Drew.

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