Hey guys!

Terra is on hiatus for the next couple months. Things have been very difficult for me health wise for a while now, I actually meant to start the break sooner but this page took much longer than I would have liked. Chronic pain has been an issue but I’ve also been battling a summer bug that doesn’t seem to want to go away. I’m hoping this time off will allow me to get back to some kind of schedule in order to rebuild my buffer. Updates will resume on September 19th.

In the meantime, I hope you all like the summer artwork, you really can’t go wrong with Agrippa in a Hawaiian shirt. Make sure to vote on TopWebComics to see the uncropped image in a higher resolution.

I also wanted to share this amazing gift art we received from some of the talented creators over at Comicadia. Click below to check out the full sized image!

Artwork is by:
Jim and Alli Perry of My Hero Comic
Dojo of Paisley Brickstone
Novasiri of Aether Eternius
Hpkomic of Cosmic Dash

I want to thank you guys again for your continued patience, see you all in September!
Holly and Drew.

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