Hey guys, welcome back. We’ve finally hit 400 pages! I never know what to say with milestones like these as it just feels like another page to me lol.

Winters really excels at being an ass, doesn’t he? We’ll have to see how that works out for him. There’s going to be a scenery change with the next update, which is nice because it feels like we’ve been in the house forever at this point, though it’s been barely any time at all for the characters. Webcomic time is funny like that.

I did some concept sketches a while back for the upcoming page, the finished art for the actual page is quite a bit different, but you can still vote to check out the sketch here.

In other news, the webcomic collective I belong to, Comicadia, is taking submissions for the next couple weeks. You can find more details below:

Comicadia has also recently recently released a Beach Zine for purchase over at Gumroad. It features several different artists and also includes the summer pic of the crew I made a couple months ago.

Thanks for checking back!

Holly and Drew.

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