Hey guys, welcome back.

This page is where I really tried to push my shading/lighting further to give it more depth and realism. It took a bit longer than normal as I was experimenting and didn’t really have a set method for coloring yet. Since then, I’ve broken everything down into steps and it basically takes about the same amount of time as before, I actually think the process may even be a little faster now.

In other news I’ve finished the portrait drawing course! It’s been a massive help with how I draw faces and I look forward to putting those skills to use in the upcoming pages. I’ve also been working on drawing realistic portraits for the crew, similar to what I did a few years ago. You can vote to see Grey’s portrait (if you follow me on social media you may have already seen it). Click here to check it out!

I will be taking some anatomy courses once I can afford it, but for now I think I will work on maintaining my buffer as it’s taken a bit of a hit the past few weeks.

Thanks as always for checking back!

Holly and Drew.