Welcome back!

I had a lot of fun working on this week’s page, particularly with painting Agrippa’s eyes. The new shading really seems to make them pop, which I find makes him look even more intimidating. I feel I should also point out that Drew has been helping me a lot with the fight scenes in the comic (he actually posed for a pic so I could get the angle of the kick just right). He’s been taking martial arts for a few years now (Karate, Goju Ryu specifically) and he’s actually getting really good, so I figure the more he learns the more he can help me make our fight scenes look cool. 😀

…Though Agrippa tossing the merc around like a rag doll isn’t really much of a fight lol.

This week’s vote incentive is a portrait I painted of Lex on proceate (using techniques I learned in the portrait drawing course I took) : Vote to check it out.

Thanks for checking back! There’s one more page to go before I go on a short holiday break, I’m currently trying my hand at the anatomy course over at proko.com, but I will still be trying to keep up with my buffer on top of that. I’m still struggling with nerve pain and fatigue, but I’m trying to work around it best I can. 🙂

Holly and Drew.