Hey guys!

Thanks again for your patience with this update. I recently threw my back out so that’s made working at the computer a little difficult. Despite that I did manage to make decent progress with the anatomy course I’m taking, which I’m finding to be a big boost for my lineart. I’m still on the torso portion but I can already see how knowing where the muscles attach and how they stretch with the body is huge help.

I already mentioned this on patreon, but I want to make a note/lore post at some point about why Asurians call themselves ‘Asurians’ and humans tend to refer to them as ‘Azatoth’. Drew and I decided a while back that it was an early translation issue between the two species, humans kept ‘Azatoth’ out of habit, while Asurians on the whole tend to find the term disrespectful. I should note that this is not consistent in the old pages/chapters/codex of the comic (at all lol), but rather something we decided along the way. That being said, the remake will take this into account from the get go. This is not super important or anything, just more of a little tid bit for those who were curious.

Also, there’s a new vote incentive on Top Web Comics, it’s the lines for the header image remake I’m working on. It’s the same image layout, but I updated the anatomy/faces. I’m going to probably redesign the way Grey’s sniper rifle looks as I just copied and pasted the old one as a place holder for the time being. I’d like to get some proper reference to work from to make it look a little better.

That’s all from me for today, I hope you’re all doing well. Thank you so much for the kind comments the past few pages, I don’t always respond, but they really mean a lot! 😀

Holly and Drew.