Hey guys! I hope you’re all keeping well and have been enjoying the holiday season so far. I’ve been keeping busy with the comic and have been making really good progress, though I will still be taking a short holiday break (updates resume Jan 13). I will still likely be working through this time but it would be nice to have a buffer going for a change.

In other news, I’m considering adding NSFW rewards to my patreon (and possibly gumroad whenever I get around to creating an account). I’m going to put together a sample image and have a poll sometime when I come back and if there’s enough interest, I’ll try to put something together around Valentine’s Day. It’s not going to be anything too risqué for the most part, just basically what you would see in an R rated movie or M rated video game. I want to move in a slightly more adult direction with the remake, so I think this would be a good challenge for me artistically speaking. Plus, I get to work on my anatomy skills, so it’s a win-win lol.

There’s also a new vote incentive for TopWebComics. It’s somewhat winter themed as it’s my concept art for Aurora Prime (for the remake). I’m still experimenting with alien landscapes and while it’s quite the challenge it’s also been a lot of fun.

That’s all for today, thanks again for reading and Happy Holidays!

Holly and Drew.