Hey everyone, welcome back to another new page. I’ve fallen a little behind due to some chronic pain symptoms, but I’ve managed to prep a lot of the upcoming pages, so it shouldn’t affect my update schedule. As I said on prior updates, I want to try to avoid missing any updates during this fight scene in order to not interrupt the flow/pacing.

I’ve updated the vote incentive for TopWebComics, it’s a poster for Terra Incognita (the remake of the comic) showcasing some designs and concepts I had for Aurora Prime. I’m mainly a visual storyteller so I find that it really helps to sketch things out and design the world while I’m developing the script and story. In the old comic, Aurora Prime took place during the prologue and it wasn’t shown in detail all that much, the remake will dive quite a bit deeper. You’ll see more of Grey’s unit and Agrippa’s involvement in the battle (originally, he mentioned that he was there on a Resistance assignment, but I never expanded on it beyond that line of dialogue). Basically, it will be a lot more involved and it will be an entire chapter, not just a prologue.

These are the kind of changes you can expect with Terra Incognita, it’s not that the story itself will be completely different, just more developed, with more detail and characterization. I’ll be posting more about this in the future as the old comic winds down (I’m planning on making a section on the website with an FAQ of sorts at some point). I mainly wanted to give you guys an update as I wanted to give a bit of context to this concept art.

That’s pretty much it for me for today, I recently added a new NSFW pinup of Grey and Lex for $5 Patrons over at my patreon. Though I should point out that it might be best to wait until October 1st to sign up, so you won’t be charged for 2 months (Sept-Oct) consecutively. I’ve managed to upgrade some of my really old equipment because of my patrons, so I’m super grateful for all the help I receive on there, it really helps keep the comic going!

Thanks for reading!

Holly and Drew.