Hey guys, welcome back. Grey is still acting quite standoffish, but I’m sure Lex will find some way of getting him to open up. 🙂

This was one of the pages I painted when my cintiq was in the shop (I used my old 13HD). I definitely missed the functionality and resolution of the pro model, but I’m glad I had the backup so I didn’t have to sacrifice my buffer. I’m still making good progress with pages even though I’ve been a bit busy keeping up with the anatomy and digital painting courses I’m currently taking. I’m actually getting pretty close to finishing Terra (I’m currently on page 470, just 5 more pages to go!), it’s pretty surreal to be finishing the comic after all these years, but I’m really excited to focus fully on Terra Incognita/the remake. I’ve already started thumbnailing chapter 1 and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys soon.

Thanks as always for reading!

Holly and Drew.