Hey guys, welcome back to another new page. I thought it would be nice to give Grey and Agrippa time to talk things out, Lex reassuring him definitely helped, but having the support of your teacher/mentor also means a lot.

Now that we’re almost at the end of the comic, I’ve been shifting my focus to Terra Incognita (the remake), I’ve sketched out over 23 pages and am making really good progress with the first chapter. I find it’s been really helpful to sketch out the entire chapter at once instead of 1-3 pages at a time, as it gives me a much better idea of the pacing in addition to making it easier to spot inconsistencies. Closer to the end of the comic (around the last update or so) I’m going to try to get a public Patreon post together showcasing some of the work I’ve done for the new comic. I’m shooting for a Fall 2023 release, as I do not want to rush into things without having a substantial buffer, I already made that mistake with Terra and I don’t intend to repeat it lol.

Thanks as always for reading!

Holly and Drew.