Hey guys, welcome back!

I hope you all had an awesome summer. I’ve basically been drawing non stop. I finished a figure drawing course and am currently working on completing a portrait drawing course. I’ve learned so much the past couple months, I’m excited to put it all in to practice with the comic moving forward.

There’s a new vote incentive on TopWebComics. It’s a comparison of my old line art to my newer stuff (the panel is from page 415). I’m experimenting a lot right now in terms of style so you can expect the art to shift quite a bit in this chapter. I’d like to try to move towards a more realistic look and I’m hoping that will come across with the artwork.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I wanted to write more, but I’m feeling a bit sick today so my brain isn’t cooperating lol. Thank you all so much for being so patient with me during the break, I’m hoping the chapter will be worth the wait.

Holly and Drew.