Hey everyone, that’s a wrap for chapter 10! We’re not exactly leaving things on a cheery note, but things have to get worse before they get better, right? (I feel like that’s been the motto of chapter 10 at this point).

I’ve already written the final draft of the script for chapter 11, it’s going to be a doozy (around 63 pages) but I’m hoping that I can get some buffer going and keep updates consistent when I come back after the summer break. If I can get a decent amount of pages saved up I may even throw in an extra page or bump up my update schedule (but that is a big ‘if’ lol). Chapter 11 is the final chapter in a way, when I’m finished I plan to continue studying art and in time, reboot the comic. With than said, I still want to make sure this chapter has some kind of closure for those of you who have stuck with me all these years.

In somewhat related news, I’ve started my drawing course! This is the main reason I haven’t really had time to throw together any bonus art for the break, in just over a week I’ve finished well over a 150 drawings. So far I’ve learned gesture drawings, the bean (which is a study of the movement of the torso) and breaking objects/animals into shapes. This is only the beginning and it has been decently challenging, but so much fun! I can already see how this will help the future development of the comic. I’m planning on taking more courses after this (portrait drawing, color theory, creature design and more).

Thank you so much for all your support and for sticking around these past few years, I know updates have been spotty and having to keep track of a longform webcomic that updates slowly is a challenge, but either way I sincerely appreciate the support. This may be the last chapter of this version of the comic, but I’m more excited about the future of Terra than ever before. I’m hoping you’ll all stick with me for the journey. 🙂

Terra will be back with the start of Chapter 11 on September 4th.

*Edit* Just a little note here that I meant to say I am remaking/reimagining the comic, not rebooting it. I now realize there is a huge difference between the two terms. We’re not retconning the continuity so it would qualify more as a remake than anything else (even though some parts will be paced out differently). Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Holly and Drew.