Hi guys. Sorry this page is a bit late, as I mentioned in the comments last page I came down with a cold, probably due to the convention and my crummy immune system. Also, just an hour ago I got hit with a pretty extreme case of vertigo (which is new for me) so hopefully this will all come across as coherent as I am still feeling pretty dizzy. On a more positive note, C4 was a blast! Drew and I met a lot of great people and even some local readers which was really cool! I’ve learned a lot from our first convention and we’re looking forward to C4 2015!

I also wanted to point out that I’ve made a few changes to Patreon. I’ve changed the remove ads milestone to a 10 page comic (the beginning of Agrippa’s back-story) that I will make available on the patreon feed as a digital comic PDF once it’s completed (I will also try to have it for sale on the website). I figured this would be the preferable option as it gives readers more content and will finally allow me to share some of the stories Drew and I have created (which would otherwise have little context in the main storyline). In addition, I’ve also added 10.00 and 20.00 tiers which I’ll explain below.

10.00 gets you a commission sketch of your choice (limit one character / no background). You can request a new sketch every 3 months.

20.00 a month and I’ll design a character of your choice to fit in the Terra universe (could be based off of you or an original creation) and I will use that character as an extra in future pages.

Thanks again for being patient! This page wraps up the scene with David and Winters. I’ve noticed a few inconsistencies in the last few pages, so I will get around to those later on.

*Edit* We’ve just met our first milestone! You can all expect an extra page the month of November! Thanks so much to all patrons! 😀