Hey guys, welcome back! As planned, we’re going to be taking a week off of updating. My birthday is on Friday, I also have a neurologist appointment and a website to update so taking a week off just made sense. Updates will resume May 18th, but I will try to get a new vote incentive up in the next little while.

As for the new site, it will focus more on the page/content (the header won’t be as large) while simplifying the overall layout, making it easier to navigate. There will only be one sidebar instead of two which will allow me to post the pages at a higher resolution. You can view the design of the website here (it still needs to be updated a bit so it may end up looking a little different, but this is the general idea). I’m hoping to get it up sometime the next week or so, at least that’s the plan anyway, let’s hope it pans out that way. 😛

I also wanted to point out that 1.00 patrons on my Patreon can now get access all the most recent pages in high resolution. Please consider becoming a patron of Terra if you enjoy reading our work and would like to show your support. It means a lot and really helps us out. 😀

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks for checking back!


UPDATE: May 11th

Hey guys, just wanted to point out real quick that there’s a preview of page 345 on Top Web Comics, vote to check it out. Hope you all like the new website, see you next week! 😀

Holly and Drew.