Hey guys, welcome back! Those of you that haven’t been here since the last update will probably notice that there have been quite a few changes with the website. I’ve scaled back the header and put more focus on the comic by making the page a larger resolution (725px up from 600px). I will eventually update all of chapter 9 for the new format and will soon begin posting the remade pages I’ve done over the past several months (which, again, will be at the 725px format). Basically I will be updating the resolution as I go through the pages to edit them for print.

Other than that there is a new vote incentive on Top Web Comics. It’s a sketch I’ve finished for a new poster/wallpaper/facebook header. I figured it’s been a while since I’ve done a group shot so why not give it a go. The image may end up changing as it has already been revised a ton while I’ve been working on it.

That’s all I have today, thanks for checking back! 😀

Holly and Drew.