Hey guys, just a quick note here that there are a couple inconsistencies because of this page, I tweaked Grey’s holster design a bit and changed the space scene in the background to add a nebula (which was actually a lot of fun to draw!). I’m planning on fixing the previous pages to match up with this. I also tried a slightly different form of shading for the page (sort of a mix between cell shading and soft shading) and I think it worked out pretty decently.

MS wise, I’ve been feeling slightly better, still dealing with a little bit of fatigue and some tingling in my hands and feet but it is WAY better than before. Hopefully I don’t jinx it by saying that 😛 *fingers crossed*

Lastly, I wanted to share with you all that we were webcomic of the day over at Best WebComics! Click here to check out the interview I did with them earlier this month! 😀

Anyway as always, thanks for checking back!

Holly and Drew.