Hey guys!

Winters and David are back and up to no good (as usual). In other news, I’ve been falling a bit behind due to a busy schedule so I might need to delay next week’s page. I will of course give you all a heads up beforehand.


Hey guys, I’ve been having a rough couple weeks symptom wise, so page 358 may be later than I planned. I’m going to try to have it up Fri at the latest.

The fatigue has kind of blindsided me as I was doing really well up till now. I wish I could give more warning for things like this but everything with MS is so up and down that I have a hard time knowing when it’s going to hit the hardest. I’ve got a lot of plans for the comic and it is frustrating when I’m too slow to get actual work done on time. I just got to remember that it’s not a race.

As always I can’t thank you guys enough for your understanding. It really does help keep me going on bad days.


Well, it looks like I spoke too soon. I made a lot of pacing mistakes on page 358 and had to redraw most of it. Due to that and my current bout of fatigue the page has taken way longer than I planned on. I should be back on track Wednesday next week (normal update time). I’m currently coloring the page so I don’t foresee any more hold ups.

Thanks so much for your patience.
Holly and Drew.