Woo, new page, finally!

If you guys read the last couple updates (or my comments) on the previous page then you already know I’ve been having a hard time getting work done due to a rough bout of fatigue. This is pretty much the norm for me now as I’m usually at least somewhat sick every day. I have a few odd good days (sometimes weeks) every now and then where I feel *almost* normal, but the symptoms always come back.

Now I don’t want to seem like I’m whining or making excuses, I just want to explain why I’m so inconsistent with my productivity. Every day is different for me so it makes it hard to predict when and how it will affect my work. Having buffer is nice in theory but I always manage to run through it way quicker than I intend to (though I think a lot of webcomic creators have that problem, not just the chronically ill ones XD).

In other news, there’s a new vote incentive on Top Web Comics. It’s a work in progress shot of Kate’s grayscale portrait. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish it, but you can check it out if you like 😀


That’s about all I have for today, see you all next week for the wrap up of Chapter 9. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get that up on time before I take any kind of a break. Also, (seeing as this is the last update beforehand) I want to wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Here’s some Terra halloween pics from the last couple years:


Thanks as always for checking back!

November 2nd: Hey guys, unfortunately I’m still falling behind due to the same reasons as the last few weeks. The page is currently in the works (I’ve been working at it this entire time, I’m just way slower than normal) and will be up next week regular time.

Holly and Drew.