Hey everyone, welcome back! Sorry this is up a tiny bit later than usual, the weather’s been changing a lot in my area and it’s been making my symptoms act up. It’s nothing major but I’m trying to pace myself so that I don’t make things worse. I will be taking next week off (I’m trying to go for 3 weeks on 1 week off at the moment) so that should allow me to get some rest.

There is a preview of page 374 up for this week’s vote incentive on TopWebComics. Click here to vote! 😀

That’s all I have for today, thanks so much for all your patience and support.


Hey guys, I’m still falling behind quite a bit due to some ongoing health issues. I’m really hoping to still get the page up today (it’s nearly finished) but I will have see how things go as my symptoms have a tendency to flare up without any notice. I will of course keep you all posted! Thanks again for your patience, I know spotty updates can be frustrating but I really appreciate you all sticking with the comic regardless. 🙂

Holly and Drew.