Hey guys, sorry for the delay with the page, as I said earlier the weather is making my symptoms flare up so I’m a bit slower than before. I made a couple small changes to the navigation of the website, basically the header and menu now link directly to the latest page. It’s a really small change but I figured I should point it out in case anyone was wondering.

I’ll keep you all posted if anything prevents me from updating next week. I’ve already got the next page sketched out so I’m hoping I can stay on schedule, but things have been pretty unpredictable lately so I’ll have to see if I can manage it.

Thanks as always for all your patience! 😀


Hey guys, as you probably noticed I couldn’t make yesterday’s update. I worked late trying to finish it but figured I should just post it next week instead. As I said in the comments, I’ve been really sick these past couple weeks so I’m quite a bit slower with my page production than normal. I may need to take some time off (not sure just when just yet) to attempt to rebuild my buffer. As always, I will let you all know ahead of time what my plans are.

Thanks 🙂

Holly and Drew.