Hey everyone, welcome back. As you may have expected, I’m probably going to have to take some time off soon to rebuild my buffer. Summer is where things slow down for me, I seem to be doing a bit better this year but it’s still been difficult to keep up. I will keep you posted with more info when I decide what to do.

My hands have also been going completely numb at night for a while now (to the point where I can’t move them for a few seconds) I don’t know if it’s MS related or not, I’m getting an MRI in a month so maybe that will shed some light on what is going on.

Thanks so much for sticking with the comic throughout all these ups and downs, Drew and I appreciate it a lot. 🙂


Hey guys, no new page today. I’ve been taking it easy the past couple weeks so my output is pretty slow at the moment. Page 377 is in the works but it’ll have to wait until next week. After that is posted I’m planning on going on a fairly brief hiatus. There will be more details with the update, as always thanks for your patience.

Holly and Drew.