Summer Break!

Hey everyone! Sorry this page is a little late, it took quite a bit more time than usual for whatever reason, but at least it’s still Wednesday so no harm done lol. As I said last week, I’m going on a relatively short hiatus to rebuild my buffer and rest up. Summer is when my symptoms are at their worst, and while it hasn’t been *too* bad this year, I’m still pretty sick most days.

For now there’s a fun new summer themed vote incentive! I did the lines and colors completely on procreate for the iPad, so it might look a bit different than my normal style. I wanted to keep it a fun, loose image, so I think the coloring works well for that. Click below to vote and check it out!

Updates will resume September 6th. As usual, patreon will still be updated during this time with additional content/page previews/etc. Thank you so much for all your support, we hope you all have a wonderful summer! 😀

Holly and Drew.