Hey everyone! Thanks for checking back, this page took me quite a bit longer than I had planned on. I’m chalking that up to recent stress and the fact that I simply had to have a panel with stairs and a downward perspective :P. It was definitely a tricky angle but I’m happy that I at least tried to push myself to draw something out of my comfort zone.

Drew and I are starting to get back into our routine now, I’ve been able to thumbnail the rest of the chapter and am hoping to get the next few pages up on time. My health has been okay for the most part, I still have days where I’m knocked down by fatigue/pain but I’ve been trying to schedule working on the comic with all that in mind.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have today, there’s a new vote incentive on TopWebComics, it’s a little sketch I did of Rick and Lex in their flight suits from chapter 1. I’m hoping to get more bonus content completed for incentives and that kind of thing, but due to my limited energy I’ve been more focused on getting chapter 10 finished at the moment.

Thanks for reading!

Holly and Drew.