Hey guys, welcome back! Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it or not, but Grey’s broken nose was originally cause by Agrippa during a training mishap a few years ago (before he learned how to properly block a hit). I’m sure that comes as a shock to no one. XD

Things have been a lot better for Drew and me, we’ve basically settled back in our routines at this point. I’ve been trying some time management tricks that seem to be working, while making sure I don’t overwork myself when my symptoms act up.

I should be able to get the last two pages of the chapter up on time, I will be taking a break from updating between chapter 10 and 11, as I plan on taking my first online course during that time. I’m still going to be prepping buffer but I’m hoping I’ll be able to implement some new drawing techniques with the last chapter of the volume. 😀

Looking forward to sharing more with you all soon! Thanks as always for reading!

Holly and Drew.